One-click Analysis of Influencers and Products on

Just click on TikTok's official website, you can easily analyze influencers, choose products, discover sales videos, and sort and save them to suit your needs.

Supported on Chrome And Superbrowser.

How Does TikTok Analytics By EchoTik Work?


Influencer Analytics

On, check influencers' key metrics, 90-day trends, etc.

Product Analytics

Discover shopping videos

Save to EchoTik

Sort Videos

Also supported on the official TikTok Shop Affiliate site

Before contacting influencers, take a look at more data


Install the TikTok Analytics By EchoTik Extension for Free, Become one of the professional TikTok creators and sellers

logo is a TikTok analytics tool and data platform. Our mission is "Discover TikTok e-commerce data with EchoTik". We help creators and brands find the best content, track target TikTok creators & videos, and compare them insightfully. We also help sellers explore potential hot products and make decisions on product selection in TikTok. is built by a Singapore SaaS called The EchoSell Company. Its Data is securely stored in AWS server in the United States.
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