TikTok Live Monitor
Monitor TikTok live room in the cloud
Get data per minute of live streaming.
Analyze the live stream's traffic, product, audience, and sales pitch.
Minute-by-minute data,
to help you figure out the secrets of the great living room.
It's so easy to use
Set up in just 3 steps:

1. Search for the account you want to monitor

2. Set the monitoring duration

3. Set the notification method

It's time to ditch the human eyes
in the living room
Human eyes

backgroundI need to watch it all the time, even if it's late at night.

backgroundI can't see statistics like traffic.

backgroundThere are so many products for sale, it's dazzling.

backgroundI need to record sales and talk by hand.

Cloud Monitoring

backgroundUnattended and worry-free from now on.

backgroundI can view minute data at any time.

backgroundThe system automatically extracts the list of products, and can also export.

backgroundCalculate sales volume and GMV based on big data, automatically record and extract sales pitch.

backgroundCross-analysis with sales pitch, traffic, and sales to make the live room more effective (coming soon).

backgroundPowered by the renowned global internet service provider netnut for reliable and stable network support.

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EchoTik.live is a TikTok analytics tool and data platform. Our mission is "Discover TikTok e-commerce data with EchoTik". We help creators and brands find the best content, track target TikTok creators & videos, and compare them insightfully. We also help sellers explore potential hot products and make decisions on product selection in TikTok. EchoTik.live is built by a Singapore SaaS called The EchoSell Company. Its Data is securely stored in AWS server in the United States.
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