Tiktok Shop Fee Calculator

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Exchange rate
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Cargo weight
Volume weight
Charged weight
Package material cost
Domestic shipping cost
Cross-border logistics shipping costs
Commission ratio
Commission expenses
Various commission rates
Various handling fee
Total Cost
Sales revenue
Gross Profit
Gross profit margin

How to calculate the price and profit of TikTok Shop products with TikTok Shop Price Calculator?

What is TikTok Shop Fee Calculator?

TikTok Shop Fee Calculator is an online tool used to help TikTok e-commerce creator and sellers to calculate profits and set reasonable prices.

It is useful to control the pricing of products and simplify price calculation.

The TikTok Shop Fee Calculator automatically retrieves the latest exchange rate per day for calculation.

How to use it?

Fill in the input box with the selling price and cost price, and the calculator will calculate the result in real-time.

Already filled with common cost data by default, you can adjust it according to the actual situation.

Calculation in bulk

For batch calculations, please download the latest Excel sheet. The table will be updated daily with exchange rates and other data.

The table will be updated daily with exchange rates and other data.

If you find errors in the calculation results, please contact the EchoTik team and we will quickly update the algorithm.

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