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Figure out the best time to post on TikTok and more. TimeToTok is a TikTok Growth AI Copilot and Agent for TikTok Creators.


Accurate Post Timing Predictions

Time ToTok uses Al algorithms to predict the best time for posting content on TikTok, ensuring optimal visibility andincreased engagement.

Ideas for Viral Content

TimeTo Tok claims to aid creators in generating viral ideas by analyzing a vast library of previously viral videos to inform future content creation.

Video Quality Check

The Al agent checks individual videos" length and resolution, and ensures that content doesn't violate TikTok's guidelines, optimizing the chances of going viral.

Increased Engagements

Time ToTok uses Al to guide users in structuring their content and responses to comments to boost audience interaction.

TikTok Account Monitoring

With TimeToTok, you can track competitors activities around the clock, receiving key intelligence to inform your own strategy.

User Cases

Growth Aid for Tiktok Creators:

TimeToTok serves as a virtualcoach for TikTok creators, helping them grow faster by providing real-time insights, personalized recommendations, and round-the-clock support.

Competitive Intelligence

TimeToTok allows users to track competitors activities and dynamics, giving them a competitive advantage in content creation and engagement strategies.

Viral Video Creation

By analyzing previously viral content, TimeTo Tok offers insights that creators can use to make their own content viral.


What is TimeToTok?

TimToTok is an AI Copilot and Agent which designed for TikTok's growth. We use LLM technology(like GPT) to implement it based on massive TikTok data.

Is TimeToTok free to use?

Free for most beginner creators, pay as you growth.

Which countries/languages are supported?

Currently, our focus is mainly on the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Over time, we will gradually expand coverage to all regions supported by TikTok.

Can it really bring growth?

Growth on content platforms via technology is common in the big data era. Now, with the support of LLM AI technology, achieving growth through data-driven methods has never been so easy. According to our tested and collaborated creator data, 80% of creators can achieve 5 ~ 10x growth, and a few creators can even achieve 100x growth.

How does AI works in TimeToTok?

First, we collect daily TikTok data to build the AI foundation. AI identifies quality content and account traits, extracts insights, and understands your account data. It suggests personalized improvements and actions based on its reasoning. We propose tasks needing your intervention as suggestions, while AI Agents handle the rest automatically.