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Batch generation of short video ideas

Generate video ideas and creative suggestions in bulk based on video themes, target audiences, etc.

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TikTok Short Video Idea Batch Generation Tool #1 (Based on ChatGPT)

Purpose and characteristics of [TikTok Short Video Idea Batch Generation Tool]

This tool is developed by EchoTik based on big data and ChatGPT model tuning. It aims to help TikTok short video creators generate video ideas and creative suggestions in bulk. According to the video theme, target audience and other information provided by the user, combined with AI algorithm output, it provides 10 short video ideas and creative suggestions related to the video theme to quickly and efficiently produce video content. Easy to use, full-featured, and can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of short video creation.

How to use [TikTok Short Video Idea Batch Generation Tool]

  1. Enter the EchoTik AI Toolbox and open the [Short Video Idea Batch Generation #1] page;
  2. Fill in the required parameters in the input box: [Video Theme], [Target Audience], [Purpose of Short Video], and fill in the output [Language]
  3. Click the "Generate" button and wait for a moment, the tool will automatically output 10 short video ideas and creative suggestions.

Suitable scenarios

This tool is suitable for TikTok short video creators and e-commerce sellers. It can be used to mass-produce short video content related to goods to meet the needs of fast and large-scale production of short videos. It is suitable for use in e-commerce live broadcasts, planting goods, brand promotion and marketing.

Use case

Taking an e-commerce seller's needs as an example, he wants to generate ideas for short videos introducing an electric toothbrush for 19.9 yuan in bulk to attract the attention of young people in Indonesia as the target audience and for the purpose of planting and selling goods.

So he can input: [Video Theme]: Introducing an electric toothbrush for 19.9 yuan [Target Audience]: Young people in Indonesia [Purpose of Short Video]: Planting and selling goods

Our tool will output according to the requirements:

  1. [Demonstration effect] Show the use effect of electric toothbrush to attract user attention.
  2. [Evaluation] Compare and evaluate electric toothbrushes with other brands, compare their effects and prices, and provide users with better and more cost-effective purchase recommendations.
  3. [Appearance] Show the details of the electric toothbrush's appearance to present a unique brand image and attract people's attention to more eye-catching details.
  4. [Good thing sharing] Share the experience of using 19.9 yuan electric toothbrush so that more people can know about this good thing.
  5. [User reviews] Collect user reviews of 19.9 yuan electric toothbrush on Indonesian social software or shoot video interviews with users.
  6. [Follow bloggers] Provide young people in Indonesia with interesting and valuable life advice, such as oral health care and improving quality of life, to attract attention.
  7. [Festival marketing] Use important festivals such as Valentine's Day and Christmas to create videos for electric toothbrushes. ...

Usage tips

  1. Fill in clear and specific [Video Themes] to help the tool output creative suggestions better.
  2. Fully understand the short video style and content characteristics required by the target audience to help the tool output creative suggestions that match the target audience more accurately.
  3. For the generated short video ideas, users can adjust and modify the parameters to generate multiple times until satisfied.

EchoTik Introduction

EchoTik is a TikTok e-commerce data SaaS company focused on the Indonesian market. It is committed to providing high-quality short video content and services for sellers and e-commerce creators to build more quality and influential short video marketing. This tool is based on EchoTik's deep cultivation in the TikTok e-commerce data field. The tool features are comprehensive and the output results are of high quality and personalized. It can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of short video content.