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Generating short video ideas from articles

Automatically find hot topics based on the article entered by the user and generate short video scripts. Based on EchoTik's big data and ChatGPT.

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Automatically Generate Short Video Ideas from Articles - Let ChatGPT Help You Find Hot Topics

Background of the "Automatically Generate Short Video Ideas from Articles" Tool

TikTok creators often face the problem of running out of ideas when creating short videos. To solve this specific problem, EchoTik has developed the "Automatically Generate Short Video Ideas from Articles" tool based on big data and using ChatGPT's large model.

Tool Introduction

The main functions of this tool include:

  • Automatically finding hot topics based on the user's input article
  • Creating 5 popular short video ideas

Suitable Scenarios

Finding short video creative inspiration from social hot news, knowledge and news-type creators.

How to Use the "Automatically Generate Short Video Ideas from Articles" Tool?

  1. Go to the EchoTik AI Toolbox and find the "Automatically Generate Short Video Ideas from Articles" tool page;
  2. Enter the article content into the article input box on the tool page, no more than 500 words;
  3. Click the generate button and wait a few seconds;
  4. Check the generated hot topics and short video ideas.

Use Case

Taking an article about Reddit's new policy as an example, I input the following content using this tool: [Language]: English [Article content]: ChatGPT and nearly 8000 communities exploded. Netizens have launched a wave of opposition to Reddit killing third-party apps! CEO said: It's regrettable, but it must be charged. Waking up, more than 7,000 of the 8,000 sub-areas of "American Tieba" Reddit have disappeared. A few months ago, Reddit suddenly started charging for API access, and the price was so high that it directly killed third-party clients. ... After generating, I got the following 5 viral short video ideas:

  1. [Comparison Results] Comparing the difference in value between the large amount of high-quality data obtained for free from Reddit and the data value after charging.
  2. [Angry Charging] How to safeguard the rights and interests of third-party applications on Reddit after charging.
  3. [Breaking Monopoly] How to adjust after Twitter API is charged, and whether Reddit can learn from it.
  4. [Prospect Forecast] The past and future of AI's free access to a large amount of high-quality data on Reddit. ...

Tool Usage Tips

  1. The quality of the original article has a great impact on the results, so try to input articles of higher quality.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can try inputting different articles, or generate multiple times, or supplement more information in the article.

EchoTik Introduction

EchoTik is a big data-based TikTok e-commerce data SaaS, aiming to provide better data services and tools for sellers and e-commerce creators. This tool is a self-developed tool by EchoTik based on ChatGPT, helping TikTok creators to create videos better.