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TikTok Product Title Optimization

Based on EchoTik statistics of popular products names and ChatGPT fine-tuning, quickly optimize your TikTok product names.

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How to optimize your TikTok product titles using EchoTik and ChatGPT?

Purpose and characteristics of [TikTok Product Title Optimization] tool

[TikTok Product Title Optimization] is a tool based on EchoTik statistics of popular product names and ChatGPT fine-tuning to quickly optimize your TikTok product names. This tool can quickly optimize your product titles, increase the exposure and sales of products in search scenarios. This tool is based on EchoTik's popular product database built on big data and the ChatGPT model, an ideal tool to provide convenient services for e-commerce practitioners!

How to use the [TikTok Product Title Optimization] tool?

  1. Enter the EchoTik website and select the [TikTok Product Title Optimization] tool;
  2. Enter information such as [Product Name], [Product Brand], [Sales Country] and [Target User] in the input box, and select the output [Language];
  3. Click the "Generate" button and wait for a moment to get the optimized product title and analysis.

Suitable scenarios

[TikTok Product Title Optimization Tool] is suitable for all sellers and e-commerce creators who sell products on the TikTok platform. Whether you are a new seller or an experienced e-commerce professional, you can optimize product titles and increase product exposure and conversion rate by using this tool.

Use case

For example, a [fitness product e-commerce] needs to optimize the product title to attract [young fitness people] and the title language is [English]. He can enter: [Product Name]: 19.9 whole box 60 sticks, mixed flavor beef sticks [Product Brand]: [Sales Country]: Indonesia [Target User]: Young people, office workers, fitness enthusiasts, etc. [Language]: English By using the [TikTok Product Title Optimization] tool, the following optimized content is obtained:

  1. Mixture flavor beef sticks in a box, 60 sticks for only 19.9. Exclusive for fitness enthusiasts who love beef.
  • Translation: Mixed flavor beef jerky, 60 sticks in a box for only $19.9, fitness enthusiasts exclusive.
  • Template: Quantity word + product feature word + product name + attribute word + usage scenario word
  • Advantage: Highlight the quantity and applicable population of the product
  1. ...... You can choose the best one from these names and further optimize it yourself. Note: The optimized product title needs to use the native language of the [sales country]!

Tool usage tips

  1. Please fill in the accurate [product information] and select the optimized [language] to improve the quality of the final product title.
  2. The requirements for product names in different industries and different regions are slightly different. Please choose the appropriate product name writing mode.
  3. Reasonable use of special signs, brand words, selling points, color words, etc. can make the product title more vivid and interesting, thereby gaining more user searches and attention.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can slightly adjust the product information, generate multiple times, and choose a better title.
  5. It is recommended that the product title length be around 40-60 characters to avoid being too long or too short.

EchoTik Introduction

EchoTik is a TikTok e-commerce data SaaS based on big data, aiming at sellers and e-commerce creators. EchoTik is committed to providing all-round data support and technology promotion for the majority of e-commerce practitioners.