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Popular short video hook creation tool

Video hooks can improve the 5-second completion rate of short videos and affect the traffic acquisition of short videos. This tool can generate video hooks based on video scripts and accumulated data from EchoTik and ChatGPT.

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How to use ChatGPT to generate short video hooks to create popular short videos?

Purpose and characteristics of [Popular short video hook creation tool]

Based on EchoTik's accumulated data and ChatGPT technology, this tool can generate 10 hooks that arouse the audience's interest in the first 3-5 seconds of the video according to the input short video script and target audience to improve the completion rate of short videos.

How to use [Popular short video hook creation tool]?

  1. Enter the EchoTik AI Toolbox and open the page of [Popular Short Video Hook Creation Tool];
  2. Enter [Video script or content description], [Target audience], and [Language] in the input box;
  3. Click the "Generate Hooks" button and wait a moment to get 10 short video hook plans.

Suitable scenarios

Short video creators and social media influencers can use this tool to quickly generate attractive short video hooks to increase video completion rates and fans.

Use case

Take an [entertainment influencer] as an example. He wants to create a short video that can resonate with young people and attract their attention within 3-5 seconds. Usually, by designing an ingenious hook, you can arouse their curiosity. Therefore, he can enter in the tool: [Video script or content description]: Explosive moment in student days: I was eating snacks in class secretly, suddenly the teacher called my name to answer questions, and I actually answered it, the whole class was very explosive. [Target audience]: Young people who miss their student days. [Language]: English

After clicking the Generate button, wait 3-5 seconds to get the following [Popular Short Video Hook] ideas:

  1. [Question type] Who hasn't eaten snacks in class secretly?
  2. [Surprise type] Would you do such a thing in class?
  3. [Number type] Only 3 seconds to let you understand learning and enjoying food.
  4. [Professional type] The least dedicated students want to sneak a peek at this method.
  5. [Life knowledge type] Sweets help improve concentration!
  6. [Emotional resonance type] Missing the taste of youth...
  7. [To be continued type] Is he the bad laughing star in our class?
  8. [Nostalgic type] What is junk food? They should have eaten them all.
  9. [Information topic type] Gain knowledge! Unexpected encounters in the classroom.
  10. [Exposure mention type] How dare you eat my snacks!


  1. For more accurate hook generation results, it is recommended to enter more information.
  2. You can generate different solutions multiple times and choose the short video hook that best meets your expectations.
  3. This tool is developed by EchoTik based on big data fine-tuning ChatGPT model and is suitable for multilingual scenarios.

EchoTik Introduction

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