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Product Placement Short Video Script Generator

Generate a script for a product placement video using EchoTik's big data and ChatGPT based on product information.

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How to use ChatGPT to generate product placement short video scripts?

Purpose and Features of the Product Placement Short Video Script Generator

The Product Placement Short Video Script Generator was developed by EchoTik based on big data and fine-tuned ChatGPT models. It helps TikTok short video creators generate product placement video scripts based on product information, which can quickly produce viral video content.

How to Use the Product Placement Short Video Script Generator

  1. Go to EchoTik's AI Toolbox and open the Product Placement Short Video Script Generator page.
  2. Fill in the product information in the form, including product name and description, target audience, selling points, appearance features, promotion information, video length, and language.
  3. Click the "Generate" button and wait for a moment to generate the product placement short video script and popular title suggestions.

Suitable Scenarios

This tool is suitable for TikTok short video creators with product placement needs, especially for those who need to produce product placement short videos in batches and need to quickly generate creative content.

Use Case

Taking a maternity clothing brand as an example, they need to create a short video promoting maternity leggings. They enter the following information:

Product Name and Description: Maternity Leggings Target Audience: Pregnant women or women who like comfortable and loose pants Product Selling Points: Suitable for pregnant women, elastic material that can adapt to changing body shapes, very fashionable design, suitable for daily wear and casual occasions Appearance Features of the Product: Loose pleated bell-bottom pants, multiple colors Promotion Information: Buy one get one free Video Length: 30s Language: English

Our tool will output the following product placement short video script:

TimeSubtitleScene DescriptionMusic/Sound EffectsMore Suggestions
0sMaternity LeggingsProduct name displayed, caption reads “better care, latest elastic material”Background music: “Baby”“Keep the opening short and revisit it according to the theme requirements”
5sChoose it when pregnantShow the theme: pregnant women wear maternity clothes, with a strong pointBackground music: “Baby”“The title must be consistent with the product information to evoke short-term memory and resonance”
10sInstantly beautiful when pregnant women wear itTrigger user psychological needsBackground music: “Baby”“Keep the video length within 20-30 seconds”
15sComfortable and not tight, making you happy all the way through pregnancyConvey product advantagesBackground music: “Baby”“Emphasize the new features of the product and guide users to click to buy”
20sBuy one get one free, buy several at oncePromotion information for the productBackground music: “Baby”“Plan the performance at the end of the video in advance and encourage users to share”
25s{Brand Name/Logo}Brand impressionBackground music: “Baby”“Add product QR code and contact information at the end”

Five popular title suggestions are generated as follows:

  1. 😄 More comfortable for pregnant women to wear, happy pregnancy all the way
  2. 💖 Suitable for expectant mothers to wear, 100% care for the baby
  3. 🤗 Pregnant in summer, more comfortable to wear it
  4. 🤔 Big changes during pregnancy, it can accompany you all the way
  5. 🌟 Good wear for office or going out

Tips for Using the Tool

  1. Describe your product and selling points as detailed as possible, which will help generate better video scripts.
  2. For each product, the only key point is to understand your target audience and guide their purchasing decisions as accurately as possible.
  3. Combine the product features with the scene to enhance the video's attractiveness.

Introduction to EchoTik

EchoTik is a TikTok e-commerce data SaaS that focuses on helping sellers and e-commerce creators improve user conversion and efficiency. ChatGPT is a natural language processing model based on big data that provides core services for EchoTik.