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Generation of short video scripts (based on themes)

Based on Echotik big data and fine-tuning of ChatGPT, generate explosive short video scripts with one click based on themes, video styles, etc.

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How to generate popular short video scripts with ChatGPT? Introduction to the theme-based short video script generation tool

Purpose and Features of [Theme-Based Short Video Script Generation]

This tool is a content creation tool developed based on EchoTik's big data and fine-tuning of ChatGPT, aiming to help TikTok short video creators quickly generate popular video scripts suitable for various scenarios. Users can freely choose video themes, style requirements, target user groups, video length, language, and other parameters. The tool will automatically generate excellent scripts and popular titles based on the parameters using the data accumulated by EchoTik and ChatGPT. Users can use the generated scripts or flexibly adapt and innovate based on them.

How to use [Theme-Based Short Video Script Generation] tool?

  1. Open EchoTik's AI toolbox and go to the [Theme-Based Short Video Script Generation] page;
  2. Enter necessary parameter information such as video theme, style requirements, target users, video length, and language in the input box;
  3. Click the "Generate" button and wait a moment to automatically generate video scripts and popular titles that meet the input parameters.

Suitable Scenarios

The theme-based short video script generation tool is suitable for TikTok short video creators, especially for fast-paced short video creation scenarios, such as short video advertisements, brand promotion, micro-videos, marketing promotion, and so on. By using this tool, users can not only create popular short videos quickly but also improve their creativity efficiency and the quality of their manuscripts, enhance the brand influence and dissemination effect of their works.

Usage Examples

Take an [e-commerce seller] as an example. He wants to release a short video about new product promotion and needs to make a short video advertisement to showcase the selling points and features of the new product to a large number of consumers. He can enter the following parameter information:

  • Video theme: New product promotion;
  • Style requirements: Shocking and explosive, multiple reversals;
  • Target users: Young people who love fashion consumption;
  • Video length: 30 seconds;
  • Language: English.

Based on the above parameter input, the generated script using the tool is as follows:

|Time|Subtitle|Scene Description|Music/Sound Effects|
| --- | --- | --- | --- |
|0s-3s|A young girl picks up a new product|The girl holds a delicate small bottle and looks at it carefully.|<Music1/Effect1>|
|3s-6s|The girl gently swipes her right hand, and orange mist sprays out of the bottle|The mist appears with a light swipe and rotates slowly|<Music2/Effect2>|
|6s-10s|The scene is reversed, the girl's hand turns into a white paper, and orange ripples appear around it|The scene gradually reverses, experiencing the young artistic atmosphere|<Music3/Effect3>|
|10s-12s|The white paper in the girl's hand floats up and is pushed towards the viewer|The white paper in her hand floats forward, and the girl smiles and waves|<Music4/Effect4>|
|12s-15s|The scene is reversed again. The girl picks up the new product again, and a base station appears behind her|The overall scene is reversed, the girl picks up the original bottle again, and there is a base station behind her|<Music5/Effect5>|
|15s-20s|The new product appears, showcasing various product features and selling points|The screen shows the introduction of product features, and the video displays the selling points of the product|<Music6/Effect6>|
|20s-25s|The scene is dynamic, showcasing the wishes and lifestyles of young people|The dynamic scene showcases the fashion, personality, and vitality of young people|<Music7/Effect7>|
|25s-30s|Creating the secret weapon of confident girls, revealing the story behind the new product|Add an explanation or story of the new product to enhance the value of the bottle|<Music8/Effect8>|

### Title Suggestions:
1. <Beauty recommendation> A new product extracted from plants presented to young people!
2. <Stunning debut> New product shockingly released, TikTok explosive headline!
3. <Youth essential> The secret recipe that only young people understand, congratulations on the big increase in appearance value!
4. <Advanced supplies> Advertisements can also be so beautiful, young people's popular new products are on the market!
5. <Quick move> Unique explosive products, new shelves are ready to meet the challenge?

### More Suggestions:
1. Further enhance the visual effects, add fashion elements, and stimulate visual stimuli;
2. Properly add male audience elements to enhance the audience range of new products and expand market influence;
3. Increase interaction between products and users to create a sense of user participation;
4. Strengthen social media channels to increase brand awareness;
5. Dig deeper into the story of the new product and the brand values behind it to enhance brand identification.

### Tool Usage Tips
1. Fill in the video theme in great detail to generate more accurate and better video ideas.
2. Use short, interesting, and curious words as much as possible in the title to attract more viewers to click and watch.
3. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can adjust the input parameters and debug multiple times until you are satisfied.

### EchoTik Introduction
EchoTik is a TikTok e-commerce data SaaS that serves sellers and e-commerce creators. EchoTik is a multi-dimensional data analysis system that integrates market research, user insights, advertising delivery, and model training. The system covers a large amount of e-commerce data analysis, advertising operation data, user behavior records, etc., which can help companies achieve comprehensive and refined operations and promotion on the TikTok platform.