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Bulk generation of short video tags

Generate tag suggestions for short videos based on video themes, Echotik's big data and fine-tuning of ChatGPT

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Bulk generation of TikTok short video tags (based on ChatGPT)

Purpose and characteristics of [TikTok short video bulk tag generation tool]

This tool is developed by EchoTik based on big data fine-tuning ChatGPT model. It provides the function of generating short video tags based on short video themes and broadcast countries. By using popular tags, it can increase the exposure of short videos and attract more attention from target audiences.

How to use [TikTok Short Video Bulk Tag Generation]

  1. Enter the EchoTik AI Toolbox and open the [TikTok Short Video Bulk Tag Generation] page;
  2. Enter [Video Theme], [Broadcast Country], [Target Audience] and [Output Language] in the input box;
  3. Click the "Generate" button and wait a moment to get the recommended short video tags.

Suitable scenarios

This tool is suitable for TikTok short video creators, especially creators who want to increase the exposure of short videos and attract target audiences.

Use case

For example, for a short video targeting young people who miss their student days, he wants to use popular tags in short videos broadcast in Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. He can enter: [Video theme]: Explosive moments in student days [Broadcast country]: Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries [Target audience]: Young people who miss their student days [Output language]: Chinese

Our tool will output according to the requirements:

###Recommended hashtags #throwback #memories #studentlife #nostalgia #schoolmemories


  • #throwback: Classic tag for reminiscing about the past
  • #memories: Tag that evokes memories
  • #studentlife: Tags for student life
  • #nostalgia: Nostalgic tags
  • #schoolmemories: Tags for school memories


  1. It is recommended to enter a more specific video theme to get more accurate tag recommendations.
  2. A detailed description of the characteristics of the broadcast country and target audience will help generate more accurate tags.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can adjust the input parameters and debug multiple times to get better tag recommendations.

EchoTik Introduction

EchoTik is a TikTok e-commerce data SaaS that provides data analysis and content generation tools for sellers and e-commerce creators. By combining AI technology and big data analysis, EchoTik helps users improve content creation efficiency and promotion effectiveness.